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What makes a house feel like home? I'm Sarah Susanka, and as an architect and author, I've been fascinated by this question ever since I bought my first house. In pursuing the answer, I've put together a set of principles-what I call the architect's tool box-that are described in detail in my new book, Home By Design, and that are embodied in the Showhouse you'll see illustrated here. Please keep in mind that this is not a Not So Big House...it is an example of the ideas described in Home By Design, and built in a big enough form to be able to house all the ideas, along with a lot of builders and visitors!

I have teamed with building scientist Steve Easley and custom homebuilder Paul Trudeau to build and present the Home by Design Showhouse at the International Builders Show 2004. A full-scale, fully finished home, our Home By Design Showhouse demonstrates a new way of thinking about design, from the principles used to tailor home design to our lives, to the manner in which it is built, to the products and systems it engages.

This Showhouse employs technologies of the 21st century in a way that makes them affordable, accessible and user friendly. I have worked with Broadband Architects Sandy Teger and Dave Waks to incorporate broadband technologies that are designed for the way people really live. Their Connected by Design Tour shows how technology can be adapted to you and your lifestyleónot the other way around.

Feel free to actively explore the videos and information in this web site to deepen your understanding of what underlies style, and what transforms an ordinary house into a home. Then be sure to check out my book, Home By Design: Transforming a House Into Home, published March 2004 by The Taunton Press.

Rendering by Sarah Susanka

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